Hosted Desktop/Desktop as a Service

Your entire PC moved seamlessly onto the cloud and accessible from any authorised device

You have full control of who can access what and when as well as gaining significant increases in productivity

Hosted Desktop Benefits

Moving your business to the Cloud enables you to harness a multitude of technologically advanced, on-demand computing services. Our Cloud Computing services in London offer our clients a host of benefits. The core being cost efficiency. The additional security and mobility advantages that Cloud offers are another reason why millions of businesses are switching to the Cloud every day.

As your business expands, it becomes more difficult to manage desktop operating systems across the entire company. Support problems can get out of hand, and every driver issue or misconfigured application can leave you with administrative headaches. Syntek Solutions offer a better way to manage your business desktop operating systems.

Private Cloud Crawley

Fixed Monthly Cost

No surprises, we agree to a fixed single monthly fee for all your backup and disaster recovery

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your backups, automated alerting for any problems

Remote Recovery

In the event of any disaster, in most circumstances we can start the recovery process remotely and quickly

Regular backups

Backup your data regulary to ensure minimal data loss. All completely automated to ensure success

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Optimising your usage

A cloud hosted desktop provides you with a remote desktop, complete with the software applications, hosted securely on the Internet. It is fully managed for you, is scalable and comes with full remote support.

We offer all the features of desktop computing, securely accessible from anywhere in the cloud. Complete with unlimited remote support, managed updates, and monthly pricing.

We can deliver fast and reliable virtual DaaS (desktop) environments, managing and tracking components across the entire end user estate. Catering to end users’ demands in terms of mobility and flexibility when accessing their desktops, applications and other data across multiple devices and platforms. Ensuring that fault management, troubleshooting, error logging, data recovery and security management are delivered seamlessly, allowing your organisation to focus on Business as Usual.

Current Service Level Performance

Average Response Time
DNS checks every day
Backup data every night
Customer Satisfaction

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