Managed WiFi

Reliable business WiFi, underpinned by gold standard support

Our Managed Wireless solutions offer faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer issues

Reliable WiFi Connectivity

WiFi devices have flooded modern offices. This leads to increasing demands on your network, causing erratic connections, poor coverage, bad sound quality and video. Buildings can also cause problems for wireless networks. Wireless signals can have trouble with thick concrete walls, a new-build with foil-backed cladding, or a large site that needs connectivity at all four corners.

You need a reliable, lightning-quick wireless connection that’s simple to manage and scalable to your needs. Our super-stable wireless LAN will help you overcome even the most complex challenges, from small scale offices/cafes to large scale hotel deployments.

Managed WiFi Crawley

Current Service Level Performance

Average Response Time
DNS checks every day
Backup data every night
Customer Satisfaction
Managed WiFi Crawley

Cost-effective, fully secure

Our solution offers all the functionality of a high-end system at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives. We can configure and deploy it in half the time of conventional solutions, thanks to its self-optimising technology and the ability to add guests quickly.

The dual band functionality in our wireless LAN enables multiple device types, and the device adapts access point signal steering for the most reliable Wi-Fi.

Call on our wireless LAN design and deployment services to free your users from restrictive cables while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Fixed Monthly Cost

No surprises, we agree to a fixed single monthly fee for all WiFi requirments

Regular Updates

Ensure your WiFi stays secure with regular security patches and on-going maintenance

Guest Networks

For the casual guest, or a fully integrated Hotel WiFi system, ensure your guests stay segregated from your LAN

24/7 Monitoring

Our Managed WiFi is monitored 24/7 creating internal support cases for any issues

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